Sunday, August 12, 2007

Musical Instruments

Foster Guitars - Luthier Jimmy Foster builds custom six and seven string, archtop and solid body guitars.

Hall Piano Company - has information about Acoustic Pianos as well as the latest state of the art synthesizer workstation keyboards and digital pianos.

International Vintage Guitars - Exquisite vintage musical instruments.

Kruz - New Orleans - Middle Eastern and Indian musical instruments, icons, music, bellydance music costumes Morocco to India.

New Orleans Music Exchange - One of the best respected stores for professional instruments and audio systems.

Ray Fransen's Drum Center - the oldest and largest store in Louisiana dedicated exclusively to drums and drumming.

Sax Gourmet - vintage instruments.

Smoky Store - Blues Harmonica instruments.

Sound Chek Music - a New Orleans area Music Store.

Zeagler's Music - school band instruments, sheet music and more.

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